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Duration 00:27:40

William Wallace’s rising and execution, and Edward I’s conquest of Scotland

The period of crisis in Scotland following the death of Alexander III, and leading to the eventual conquest by Edward I, still excites controversy and discussion, not least about the role of William Wallace. During work on an AHRC-funded project the ‘Breaking of Britain’, important discoveries were made using documents in The National Archives and in a private collection in Norway.

John Reuben Davies has published extensively on Scottish and Welsh ecclesiastical history, and is Research Associate at the University of Glasgow on the AHRC-funded projects, the ‘Paradox of Medieval Scotland’ and the ‘Breaking of Britain’.

Dauvit Broun, Professor of Scottish History at the University of Glasgow and Principal Investigator of the AHRC-funded projects, also delivered part of this talk – we apologise that this is unavailable due to a technical fault.