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What’s Online: Top level tips – discovering your family history

Beginning your family history can be overwhelming but can be much simpler if you know where to start. Join our expert-led webinar that will give you all of the pointers you will need to get started within half an hour.

This webinar was presented by Audrey Collins on 2 June 2020.


Transcription to follow.


  1. Rachel Palmer says:

    Thank you, this was hugely helpful and clear. Even though I have been researching my family history now for 3 years (on-line), I found this webinar valuable, there is so much you don’t notice first time round and some really good hints which I will now take on board. Firstly to only search one line of the family to start with (yes, I have been overwhelmed by the scale of trying to do all 4 at once). I also did not appreciate that the 1911 census was in the occupiers own handwriting – which is fascinating. I have found that reading about the relevant social history at the time of an ancestors life, particularly helpful in understanding the context in which they lived and providing other sources of information, even if it is not exactly specific to the family member.

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