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Titanic: the official story

This talk marks the ninty-eighth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Using documents from The National Archives, James Cronan takes you through the history of the ship, from its construction and launch to its fateful end.

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  1. Donald E. Monroe says:

    Heros–cowards–poor folks–millionaires–crew members–people like us. So unnecessary and so stupid. White Star Line’s Folly. Being a student of history, I am intensely interested in all these things. Keep up the great work and never let the story die.


  2. Margaret Woodford says:

    For the attention of James Cronan (if possible)

    Delighted to find this wonderful Podcast! My Family History Research had already thrown up the fact that James Cronan’s great grandfather, Frederick Woodford who died on the Titanic was my husband’s 1st cousin twice removed, making him James Cronan’s 3rd Cousin. My husband’s great Grandfather was Eli Woodford, one of Frederick’s brothers.

    I would appreciate if this e-mail could possibly be passed on to James, to express our admiration of his Podcast. It brought the sinking very much to life, especially in the knowledge that one of our ancestors was involved.

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