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Selling history: the role of the past at Fortnum and Mason

Founded in the year when Great Britain was created, the history of Fortnum and Mason is that of the development of British taste. It covers tea drinking, picnics, mail order, climbing Everest and knickerbocker glories. It is a history of change, and of constants. In 2012, the stories from its past are important communication and marketing tools in the battle to ensure sustainability and growth.

Dr Andrea Tanner was a professional genealogist at the College of Arms for many years before undertaking academic research into poverty and sickness in London. She founded the Historic Hospitals Records Admissions Project, based at Kingston University, is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, assistant archivist at Great Ormond Street Hospital and keeper of the company memory at Fortnum and Mason. She is most proud of having been the founding secretary of the Friends of the Public Record Office (now Friends of The National Archives).