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Duration 42:42

Medieval queens in The National Archives

Many medieval kings still loom large in popular culture but the queens who lived and worked alongside them are often less well known. This explores the role of the queen in medieval England focusing in particular on what we can learn from records held by The National Archives.

Dr Jessica Nelson is a records specialist on the Medieval team. She specialises in the high medieval period and her research interests include royal women and queenship.


  1. Andy Steer says:

    Insightful and well structured, Jessica’s passion for the subject is evident.

    The presentation was delivered beautifully from start to finish – would it be possible to obtain a copy of the accompanying slide set?

  2. Diane MacDonald says:

    Splendidly done! Most interesting, thank you.

  3. Chris Watt says:

    This talk could for the basis of a TV programme. Could the BBC be persuaded to consider that as part of their medieval theme running on BBC4? Jess would make a good expert/presenter too.

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