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Duration 33:32

In the name of God, Amen: wills for family history

Whether your ancestors owned large swathes of land in the north of England or came from a more humble background in the West Country, the chances are that somewhere along the line some of them will have left wills. In this talk, Dave Annal looks at how to access wills and how you can use them to get a better understanding of what life was really like for your ancestors.


  1. Jaygen says:

    Love family Wills!
    If you hover over the photo, you’ll find the pause button and will be able to rewind. The book is Probate Jurisdictions: where to look for wills by Jeremy Gibson & Else Churchill.

    Calendars can be searched at …
    And at Ancestry for Wills after 1858

  2. Peter Haver says:

    For a podcast of this length (33 mins), I would have expected some means of controlling my listening to it. For example, could you please display a bar chart showing the elapsed time so far. Also, include a pause button and perhaps even a re-wind facility to check back for specific important details described just once and therefore easily missed (e.g the name of the main reference book quoted by Dave Annal).

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