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Duration 1:34

Edwardian Folkestone at work

The film opens with well to do Edwardians in a well off street. We then see sailors on the docks, followed by a range of street urchins and slightly more well to do boys. Several people appear near the waterfront. We see a handcart collecting materials to be carried off and there is then a lengthy sequence following the work of the police but also taking in some shopkeepers. We finish with some men and boys messing about near the beach.


The Edwardian period was in many ways Britain at its peak. The British Empire dominated the world in military and financial terms. The middle classes were usually well paid and could afford to own their homes and take holidays. There was of course another side to this world. The Edwardian period saw terrible poverty and harsh working conditions for the poorest.

Interesting or important points about the film

This film gives us a number of interesting insights. We get a hint of the contrasts in Edwardian society, though nothing too searching. This reminds us that such early film-makers were in the business of entertainment and their aim was to make money. The clear fascination with the camera makes it easy to see how a film maker could entice paying customers to come and see themselves and their friends on film.

Please note that this video is silent.