Digitally reconstructing Ireland’s lost archive

On 30 June 1922 the Public Record Office of Ireland was destroyed by fire in the opening engagement of the Irish Civil War. Historians have long considered the 700 years of records that the building contained as tragically lost to history.

In this special podcast episode we explore how nearly 100 years later five core archival partners are collaborating on the Beyond 2022 project to reconstruct virtually the building and its contents by hunting for replacement documents around the world, and by using ground-breaking technology.

Download the full episode transcript here.

Documents from The National Archives used in this episode: E 101/230/16; E 101/230/28; E 101/232/24.

Other key documents discussed in this episode:

National Library Australia – ‘Irish Linen Trade bank draft’, Kashnor Archive MS 1458/7/9/15
National Library Australia – ‘Logbook of John Smith, Surgeon on the Clyde form Kingston, Ireland to Sydney NSW’, MS 6169
National Library Australia – ‘Return of male convicts embarked on the “Friendship” transport’ MS 144
Huntington Library – ‘Acta Regia’

Beyond 2022

To find out more about the Beyond 2022 project take a look at their website:

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