Big Ideas: Freedom of Memory: A new human right?

This presentation introduces the concept of Freedom of Memory, which Elizabeth is currently developing.  The talk proposes a possible definition for this potential new human right and explain why such a Freedom is necessary at this point in time.  The presentation identifies both the benefits and responsibilities arising from Freedom of Memory.  This session will also encourage discussion with attendees to consider whether such a freedom is necessary, how it could be improved and in what fora this concept could fruitfully be developed.

Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan is a professional Archivist and qualified  Management Consultant.  She has run her own consultancy since 2003, working right across the archives sector throughout the UK as well as with policy bodies and professional organisations.



  1. Moira Mooney says:

    I have just read your article and I am so impressed that I had to contact you. I agree completely with your concept and considering I am 76 years of age and in my lifetime have had situations where I have come across being blocked by authorities. For example today being Remberance Sunday I did not hear much said about the Merchant Seaman killed in World War 11. I tried to find out from the web about the number of ships torpedoed, but can not get this information. My father was killed on Merchant Ship at the age of 25: I was 2 years old.

    You also mentioned lack of help from Government and local Councils, which I can absolutely vouch for without at moment going in to details. I would love to hear more about your work.
    Mrs M Mooney.

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