• Audio contentWomen constructing part of airship, 1916 (catalogue reference AIR 1/2307/215/19)

    War Girls – poetry and prose by women in the First World War

    Ruth Sillers talks about, and performs extracts, from her audio book compilation, War Girls. The study is a commemoration of the remarkable and largely unsung experiences of women in the First World War told in their own words. Some are…

  • Audio contentBlouses for Women War Workers, 1916 (catalogue reference ZPER 34/148)

    Big Ideas: The women’s war in the Middle East – women’s First World War service in Egypt, Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and Palestine

    Nadia Atia is Lecturer in World Literature at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research examines the literature and cultural history of the First World War outside Europe. Her work explores how ideologies of race and empire shaped the ways…

  • Video contentPoster: Women clerks for service in France (catalogue reference NATS 1/109 (2))

    Webinar: Tracing your ancestors – women in the military services during the First World War

    Emily Stidston hosts this webinar which introduces women’s service and other records from 1914 to 1918 and beyond. These records include Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy, nursing services and voluntary organisations. You can download a PDF of…

  • Audio contentFlorence Maybrick 1889 (catalogue reference COPY 1/397)

    Did she kill him? Addiction, adultery and arsenic in Victorian Britain

    Florence Chandler was in her early 20s when she married much older James Maybrick, a Liverpool cotton broker, in 1881. Eight years later, tensions seethed. James was addicted to arsenic. Both were unfaithful. When James died suddenly, Florence was arrested…

  • Video contentWomen Making Munitions

    Women Making Munitions

    The film goes straight in to show women using heavy engineering machinery such as belt driven lathes. We see women on the production line assembling shells, which is clearly a complex and quite skilled process. The worker takes great care…

  • Video contentNational Service

    National Service – Women’s Land Army

    This short clip consists of a romantic scene in which a noble woman runs a horse drawn plough across the field. It is taken from a recruiting film for more women to help in the war effort. Context When the…

  • Video contentWomen’s Army in France

    Women’s Army in France

    This clip comes from a compilation film of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in France, 1917-1918. In this segment we see women with their sleeves rolled up maintaining or repairing an engine. They may be a female ambulance crew (possibly…

  • Video contentWomen Transport Workers

    Women Transport Workers

    The film starts with a tram being driven and conducted by women. The journey continues as the women driver prepares the tram and we then see the women conductor taking tickets on the top deck. Context When the Great War…

  • Video contentlondon-church-fire

    London Church Completely Destroyed By Fire

    The opening titles tell us that this is a church burned down by Suffragettes, causing £20,000 of damage. The scene then shifts to a church at New Cross that has been comprehensively destroyed by fire. We see the burnt out…

  • Video contentemily-davison-killed

    Emily Davison killed at Derby

    Opening title says Tattenham Corner, followed by scenes of horses racing past. A new title then tells us ‘Suffragette killed in attempt to pull down the King’s horse’. We then see the famous scene where Davison is hit by the…

  • Video contentsuffragist-rally

    Suffragist Rally in Hyde Park

    The opening titles tell us that ‘Law Abiding Suffragists? from all over the country held a rally in Hyde Park. We then see a huge, orderly and very cheerful crowd of men and women waving and cheering for the camera.…

  • Video contentsuffragette-pageant

    Suffragette Pageant in London

    The clip opens with titles telling us the pageant contains over 66,000 women and they are showing examples of famous women in history. We then see a very large procession with lots of banners watched by a very large crowd.…

  • Audio contentCivil Defence Corps, INF 13/236

    When a woman is not a woman: how the Ministry of Pensions constructed gender in the 1950s

    During the 1950s, the Ministry of Pensions was suddenly faced with a substantial number of requests by individuals to change their gender status on their employment and pension records. Why was this? How did the (slightly) bewildered men at the…

  • Audio contentFlorence Nightingale cat. ref. COPY 1/556/166

    No place for ladies: the untold story of women in the Crimean War

    Florence Nightingale was not the only woman in the Crimea – a misnomer in itself as she spent most of the war at the British hospital at Scutari, 300 miles away from the Crimea. Here, Helen Rappaport sheds new light…

  • Audio contentMEPO3-61(2)-Murder-of-Francis-Kent,-aged-4,-by-Constance-Emilie-Kent-1860

    Constance Emily Kent: nightdresses, breast flannels and child murder

    In the summer of 1860, in a well-to-do country house in sleepy Road Hill, Wiltshire, a little boy was snatched from his nursemaid’s bedroom while she was sleeping, and brutally murdered. The resulting investigation threw open the private domestic life…

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