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Suffragist Rally in Hyde Park

The opening titles tell us that ‘Law Abiding Suffragists? from all over the country held a rally in Hyde Park. We then see a huge, orderly and very cheerful crowd of men and women waving and cheering for the camera.


The main aim of this rally was to show the general public that the moderate, law abiding Suffragists were a disciplined and organised group which had the support of a large section of the population. In the same year, the militant wing was attacking property and was said to be damaging the cause of women’s votes. Historians disagree about which wing had more impact on public opinion.

Interesting or important points about the film

The main strengths of the event are clear to see in this clip. So is the approval of the Pathe news broadcaster. It is interesting to compare the portrayal of this event with some of the other clips in this sub category.

Please note that this video is silent.

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