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    Tracy Borman on ‘The Private Lives of the Tudors’

    Tracy Borman reveals how the Tudor monarchs were constantly surrounded by an army of attendants, courtiers and ministers, even in their most private moments. A groom of the stool would stand patiently by as Henry VIII performed his daily purges,…

  • Video contentHenry-VIII-illuminated-initial

    Webinar: Henry VIII – Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    This webinar was delivered on 22 September 2016 by Dr Sean Cunningham. Sean is Head of the medieval and early modern team. His has published a number of articles on the Tudors, most recently a best-selling book on Henry’s brother,…

  • Video contenttudors-recompense

    The Tudors: Fair Recompense

    Chapter 4. This sequence opens with John Daniell bargaining with Lady Essex over the return of her letters and also a guarantee of security for John. Jane then returns the original letters but finds that Lady Essex will not see…

  • Video contenttudors-truth

    The Tudors: The Truth is Out

    Chapter 3. In this section of the play Lady Essex’s secretary enquires about whether the missing letters have been found and explains to John Daniell why they are valuable. A reward of £1000 is offered, a huge amount in those…

  • Video contenttudor-sorrows

    The Tudors: The Source of Our Sorrows

    Chapter 1. The clip opens with Jane Daniell writing a letter to King James I, Elizabeth I’s successor, asking him to help her husband and her family. She then goes on to explain how life looked good four years ago…

  • Video contentAll is lost

    The Tudors: All is Lost

    Chapter 6. This clip opens with bailiffs coming to the Daniell house to claim the £2000 awarded to Lady Essex by the court in a judgement against John Daniell. Jane, her children and maid are cast out of their home.…

  • Video contenta home in hackney

    The Tudors: A Home in Hackney

    Chapter 5. Jane describes how the Daniell family used its new wealth to buy a fine property in Hackney, near London. There is a detailed description of the new house along with furniture and ornaments. However, events intervened. Lord Essex…

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