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Meet the Author: Alison Weir – Katheryn Howard, The Tainted Queen

In this talk, Alison Weir discusses the fifth novel in her Six Tudor Queens series, ‘Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen’.

In conversation with our record specialists, Alison sheds light on Henry’s ‘rose without a thorn’ fifth wife and teenage bride, who led a short and tragic life. She was a young girl, thrust forward by her ambitious family. She captured the heart of a king, who extoled her beauty and her virtue. But Katheryn had a past which Henry knew nothing about, that increasingly came back to haunt her, even as she courted danger yet again.

Alison Weir remains the UK’s best-selling female historian since records began in 1997. She has published 30 titles and sold more than three million books.

Alison is now working on two concurrent series of books: ‘Six Tudor Queens’, comprising six novels on the wives of Henry VIII, and ‘England’s Medieval Queens’, a quartet of historical works of non-fiction.


Transcript to follow.