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public information films 1964-1979

  • Video contentThink Bike – Jimmy Hill

    Think Bike – Jimmy Hill

    Featuring well known sports presenter Jimmy Hill, ‘Think Bike’ encourages motorists to take extra care to look out for motorcyclists when pulling out from junctions. Using the slogan ‘think once, think twice, think bike’, the film features a graphic depiction […]

  • Video contentPedal Safety Song

    Pedal Safety Song

    Dating back to 1978, the same year that ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Grease’ hit the silver screen, the ‘Pedal Safety’ film encourages cyclists to wear something visible through a catchy song. Although the ‘Pedal Safety’ song is dated, cycling safety […]

  • Video contentKeep Britain Tidy

    Keep Britain Tidy

    Over the last 50 years the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign has encouraged the public to put rubbish in the bin. This over-the-top film from 1975 ironically highlights the problems of litter in our ‘green and pleasant land’. In fact, the […]

  • Video contentjobs-for-young-girls

    Jobs For Young Girls

    Highlighting the problem of girls leaving school without thinking about further education or training, this film’s message appears to be: don’t be tempted by the short-term rewards of unskilled jobs, because a career will serve you better in the long […]

  • Video contentkeep-it-to-yourself

    Keep It To yourself

    Made in 1968, this film features a young Roy Hudd as the shadowy spy-figure mischievously dropping litter. As one of the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaigns, this 1968 film shows ‘Litter Defence Volunteers’ or ‘LDVs’, striking against “public enemy number one”; […]

  • Video contentarmy-recruitment

    Army Recruitment

    The 1957 Defence White Paper announced that the army would be reduced in size from 330,000 to 165,000. The last National Serviceman was discharged from the British Army on 16 May 1963, making the Armed Forces an entirely professional force. […]

  • Video contentJoe and Petunia - Coastguard

    Joe and Petunia – Coastguard

    Cartoon couple Joe and Petunia appeared in a number of films starting in the late 1960s. Covering subjects such as the countryside code, the dangers of worn tyres and saving water, this film about the Coastguard was probably the best […]

  • Video contentTV Licence – Columbo

    TV Licence – Columbo

    “Don’t get a fine, get a licence,” the authoritative voiceover man advises. This public information film was designed to encourage evaders to pay up, or suffer the consequences. The introduction of the TV detector van in 1952 led to accurate […]

  • Video contentGreen Cross Code 3 with Dave Prowse

    Green Cross Code 3 with Dave Prowse

    The ‘Green Cross Code Man’ was famously played by Dave Prowse, the man who later starred as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies. Designed to bring the Green Cross Code “to life”, Prowse a 6’7″ tall, body builder […]

  • Video contentSwimming – David Wilkie

    Swimming – David Wilkie

    Public Information film, in which Olympic medal winner David Wilkie encourages children to learn to swim.

  • Video contentVandalism


    Whether in the 1970s or the present day, vandalism is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people’s fear of crime. Defined in the Criminal Damage Act 1971 as ‘intentionally or recklessly […]

  • Video contentSPLINK – Jon Pertwee

    SPLINK – Jon Pertwee

    ‘SPLINK’ was a slogan aimed at improving road safety for children, and came a year after Dave Prowse had first played the Green Cross Man. The film dates from 1976 and stars the late Jon Pertwee, (a well-known actor who […]

  • Video contentrabies-outbreak

    Rabies Outbreak

    The British Isles has been free of rabies for many decades, but the disease still exists elsewhere in the world. In the United Kingdom there are precautions to prevent rabies being reintroduced, for example through illegally imported animals. This is […]

  • Video contentPeach And Hammer

    Peach And Hammer

    “You can’t argue with a car…” This film, like so many before and since, was commissioned to highlight the dangers of crossing a road. Far more hard-hitting and less slapstick than Richard Massingham’s 1948 ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ trailer, the ‘Peach and […]

  • Video contentChildren’s Heroes – Kevin Keegan

    Children’s Heroes – Kevin Keegan

    In 1976 the series entitled ‘Children’s Heroes’ showed celebrities from Alvin Stardust to Kevin Keegan telling children how to cross the road using catchphrases like ‘Be smart, Be safe!’ The Children’s Heroes series was a part of a wider campaign […]

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