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Think Bike – Jimmy Hill

Featuring well known sports presenter Jimmy Hill, ‘Think Bike’ encourages motorists to take extra care to look out for motorcyclists when pulling out from junctions.

Using the slogan ‘think once, think twice, think bike’, the film features a graphic depiction of an accident to shock the audience.

A very similar tactic is still in use today in the recently launched ‘Think – take longer to look for bikes’ campaign which also shows a motorcyclist crashing into the side of a car.
A Department for Transport report from 2006 concluded that the most common cause of motorcycle crashes is a ‘right of way’ violation…the majority of these incidents occur at T-junctions and it is usually the motorist – rather than the biker – who is at fault.’
‘In around 65% of these ‘right of way’ incidents, a driver somehow fails to see a motorcyclist who should be in clear view.’


A tragic, needless accident.

But why did it happen?

The driver checks the traffic on his right. The road seems to be clear, and he pulls out.

But if we look again from the driver’s angle, we can see his problem.

Visibility isn’t good, but if only he’d checked again, he would have seen the motorcyclist approaching.

That car driver will be more careful next time.

For the motorcyclist, there isn’t going to be a next time.

So motorists: be particularly careful at junctions.

Think once.

Think twice.

Think bike.