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    Immigrant Ancestors Project: indexed collections from The National Archives

    Family history majors at Brigham Young University intern at various repositories of European countries and obtain copies of emigration registers, passport applications, and other records that contain hometown information for each emigrant. These records are indexed in the Immigrant Ancestors ...

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    Bara Brith on the pampas: the Welsh in Patagonia

    In 1865, a Welsh speaking colony was established in the valley of the Chubut River in Patagonia Argentina. The original emigrants sailed from Liverpool on the Mimosa and they were joined in the 1880s by a second wave of emigrants ...

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    New Britons – Immigration to the United Kingdom

    This talk looks at immigration into Britain from the 16th to the 20th century and the relatively few sources that can be used to trace immigrants entering, and living, in this country. Records discussed can provide vital clues to the ...

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    Naturalisation and alien registration

    Using records at The National Archives, this talk examines the various Alien Acts that affected the status of foreigners resident in the UK from the 19th century, and the reasons why so many chose to become naturalised British citizens.

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