20th Century Migration: 1914 – A nation divided?

This first episode begins with the story of an English woman who loses her citizenship because of who she chooses to marry, and a British citizen arrested because of his country of birth. Then we uncover the lesser-told story of people leaving Britain for a better life.

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Documents from The National Archives used in this episode: MEPO 35/28/7; HO 334/243/2267; HO 405/2103; HO 334/135/4902.

You can read about Frank Berni and other Italian internees in our blog: Internment of enemy aliens in 1940: The fate of Italians resident in a Britain at war.

Find out about the Migration Museum and their podcast series ‘Departures: 400 years of Emigration from Britain’ via their website.

If you’re interested in finding out more about records covered in this episode take a look at our research guides to Aliens’ registration cards 1918-1957 and Internees. For help navigating our catalogue you can watch our top level tips on using Discovery.

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