First world war

  • Audio contentThe Remembrance Image Project (c. Simon Gregor used by kind permission)

    The Remembrance Image Project

    Simon Gregor talks about some of the images he has taken in the research phase of the Remembrance Image Project and the stories behind them, as well as sharing some of the ways in which primary source materials at The […]

  • Audio contentRiver Tigris abover Amara (by kind permission of Jenny Lewis)

    Finding my father in Mesopotamia

    Jenny Lewis’s father fought as a young man in the First World War campaign in Mesopotamia – modern day Iraq, Iran and Syria. He joined the South Wales Borderers in 1915 and served in Mesopotamia until 1917 when he was […]

  • Audio contentTroops travelling to Manchester for review by Lord Kitchener

    Digitising MH 47 the Middlesex military service appeal tribunal

    On the introduction of conscription in 1916, Military Service Tribunals were set up to hear applications and appeals for exemption. Surviving material is fragmented but two complete sets of tribunal papers were retained, including those for the Middlesex Appeal Tribunal. […]

  • Video contentBlack nurse and baby

    Black in the British Frame

    Stephen Bourne shares his memories of growing up in Peckham and of his adopted Aunt Esther, a black Londoner born before the First World War and the subject of his first book. And he talks about how, from an educationally […]

  • Audio contentAIR 1/169/15/160/5 24

    Britain’s air forces in the First World War

    This talk covers the record sources for those who served in the air forces, their formations and machines. It also explores a case study of a famous airman to illustrate some of the inventions and developments that led to final […]

  • Audio contentcopy1-550-rugby-tackle-1910

    The Final Whistle: the Great War in 15 players – a London rugby club at war 1914-1918

    A missing war memorial first inspired a quest to discover club members who fell in the Great War. 85 names have now been identified. Some remarkable stories paint a miniature portrait of the whole war – every service, arm, theatre […]

  • Audio content"Old and new rates of pay", WW1 poster, cat. ref. ADM 1/8331

    Tracing battalions or regiments of the British Army during the Great War

    This podcast gives you an introduction to the various records at The National Archives that can be used to trace the experiences of individual battalions or regiments during The Great War. These include unit war diaries, trench maps, Prisoner of […]

  • Audio contentRAIL 214/91 - Coniston station

    Adlestrop: railways, poetry and the myths of 1914

    Adlestrop by Edward Thomas is one of the nation’s favourite poems. Written in the heat of battle by an officer who was doomed not to survive the war, Adlestrop idealises the stillness of a railway station in an English country […]

  • Audio contenttnaprorail253-516-world-war-i-photograph-gunner-f-j-serjent

    Marjorie’s War: four families and the Great War

    This podcast is based on the recently published book which tells the story of the author’s grandmother and nine young men from the four families. They were all served as junior officers and between them fought in all the major […]

  • Video contentWomen Making Munitions

    Women Making Munitions

    The film goes straight in to show women using heavy engineering machinery such as belt driven lathes. We see women on the production line assembling shells, which is clearly a complex and quite skilled process. The worker takes great care […]

  • Video contentNational Service

    National Service – Women’s Land Army

    This short clip consists of a romantic scene in which a noble woman runs a horse drawn plough across the field. It is taken from a recruiting film for more women to help in the war effort. Context When the […]

  • Video contentWomen’s Army in France

    Women’s Army in France

    This clip comes from a compilation film of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in France, 1917-1918. In this segment we see women with their sleeves rolled up maintaining or repairing an engine. They may be a female ambulance crew (possibly […]

  • Video contentWomen Transport Workers

    Women Transport Workers

    The film starts with a tram being driven and conducted by women. The journey continues as the women driver prepares the tram and we then see the women conductor taking tickets on the top deck. Context When the Great War […]

  • Video content'With the North and South Irish At The Front’

    ‘With the North and South Irish At The Front’ Official pictures of the British army in France-Fourth series

    The opening titles tell us we are looking at the Ulster Division, probably from 1915-17. We then see huge numbers of soldiers from that division all posing, smiling and waving for the camera. The titles then show us the Royal […]

  • Video contentDublin After The Easter Rising

    Dublin After The Easter Rising

    The film opens with titles locating scenes of the fighting in Dublin at Easter 1916. Several different shots follow that focus on the huge amount of damage caused in the city. We are shown Sackville Street (now O’Connell Street), the […]

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