• Audio contentSnowflake Ice Cream Powder, Pure Foods Manufacturing Co, 1909, cat. ref. COPY1/278 (49)

    Selling history: the role of the past at Fortnum and Mason

    Founded in the year when Great Britain was created, the history of Fortnum and Mason is that of the development of British taste. It covers tea drinking, picnics, mail order, climbing Everest and knickerbocker glories. It is a history of change,…

  • Audio contentCoram Rege rolls initial detail of Henry VIII, cat. ref. KB 27/1119/2

    Henry VIII: Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    Henry VIII is one of the best-known monarchs in history. By the time Henry reached his early thirties, he had realised that his search for glory would fail unless he secured the future of his dynasty. Henry VIII was 34…

  • Audio contenthca65-22-papers-of-captain-bigaud-of-ship-ocean-incl-licence-to-import-negro-slave-boy-1736-1742-amp

    Untold histories: black Britons during the period of the British slave trade, c1660-1807

    What was life like for the ‘average’ black person in England before the 20th century? Most were quietly getting on with their lives, seeking employment, getting married and raising families. It takes a lot of work to uncover their life…

  • Audio contentBunhill Fields burial ground, City Road, London, burials 1741-1747, cat. ref. RG 4/3980

    English burial and cemetery records online and on film

    This talk gives an overview of online sources for English burial and cemetery records, including which of the major London cemeteries have online records. Both free and pay-for-view websites, and all parts of the country are covered, though is not…

  • Audio contentT295-521-treasury-file-on-the-beatles-1967

    20th century Treasury records

    Some researchers might feel apprehensive about the prospect of investigating 20th century Treasury records, particularly given the complex nature of Treasury Registry systems of the 18th and 19th centuries. But the good news is that the Treasury records of the…

  • Audio content1911-census-archive

    The 1911 Census: a vision of England

    The 1911 census was the 12th national census of the United Kingdom, and in many ways it represented a watershed in the history of census taking in this country – it was the first to use technology and was by…

  • Audio contentTNA(PRO)HO338-57pp21 COLD WAR NUCLEAR ATTACK (Home Office manual on protection against nulcear attack

    Catch-up history and the Cold War

    Professor Peter Hennessy, Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary, London University, and author of The Secret State, examines the ‘particles and patterns of the past’ to peer into the part of the post-war British state kept under wraps…

  • Audio contenttnaprobt26-1237-transport-immigration-ships-inward-passenger-lists-port-of-london-mv-empire-windrush-21-june-1948

    New Britons – Immigration to the United Kingdom

    Mark Peasall looks at immigration into Britain from the 16th to the 20th century and the relatively few sources that can be used to trace immigrants entering, and living, in this country. Records discussed can provide vital clues to the…

  • Video contentHS9-1435-Agent-Violette-Szabo-file-(cover),-1939-1945

    Carve Her Name With Pride

    This videocast is part of the War on Film series, created by The National Archives to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The series recounts the events that went on to inspire popular war films, using extracts…

  • Audio contenttnaproho215-302-world-war-ii-internment-camps-onchan-camp-isle-of-man-


    On the declaration of war on 3 September 1939, some 70,000 Germans and Austrians resident in the UK became classed as enemy aliens. This talk looks at official papers relating to the tribunals, the policy of internment, individual internees, and…

  • Audio contenttnaproco956-426-empire-marketing-board-empirethe-empire-shop-1927-33

    Researching the British Empire and Commonwealth

    The British Empire existed for four centuries and, at its height, governed one quarter of the world’s population. Mandy Banton introduces the records of British government departments responsible for the administration of colonial affairs from about 1801 to 1968, outlining…

  • Audio contentho144-407-b23729-document-naturalisationmichaelmarksm&s-1897

    Naturalisation and alien registration

    Using records at The National Archives, this talk examines the various Alien Acts that affected the status of foreigners resident in the UK from the 19th century, and the reasons why so many chose to become naturalised British citizens.

  • Audio contentair29-4062-raf-vulcan-bomber-july-1967

    Royal Air Force service records

    Last year saw the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Air Force. The records of thousands of men (and women) who served in the RAF and its predecessors during the First World War are held by The National…

  • Audio contentext-5-19-7-us-comic-cited-as-an-example-of-the-need-to-prevent-the-sale-of-unsuitable-comics-to-children--1954-1955

    Kapow! Fifties Britain versus the comics menace

    In the mid 1950s Britain woke up to the threat of an invasion: “American style” comics were accused of ruining the reading habits of vulnerable children across the country and even inciting racism and violence. Could Captain Marvel cause crime?…

  • Video contenttnaprorg27-8-census-1911red-schedule-front

    Introducing the 1911 census – British Sign Language Video

    Mark Pearsall is a family history specialist at The National Archives. Here he provides an introduction to the newly released 1911 census and tells us how invaluable it will be for family historians.

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