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    Big Ideas: Sense and sensitivity

    Contrary to previous fears, there is unlikely to be a ‘black hole’ in our official history due to lost emails and other digital information. In fact, quite the opposite. According to official sources, government is deluged with digital information and […]

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    Big Ideas: How to turn a tin can into a TARDIS

    Starting with a tin can and a tried and tested supermarket analogy Mark Merifield covers some basic principles of information management and explores the value that’s held in metadata. Building on ideas being worked on by government’s Metadata and Vocabularies […]

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    Big Ideas: The Great Archive Debate – a view from York

    At the end of the last century the great heritage debate transformed thinking about public engagement with the past in historic sites and museums. Do new initiatives in archives promise something similar in public engagement with history now, and how […]

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    Big Ideas: From catwalk to cultural collections

    Being able to predict with any precision how collections will change over time is difficult – we are always reliant on historical data. But like fashion designers predicting future trends, we now use the data we collect everyday to model […]

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    Big Ideas: Searching the unsearchable

    Colour, pattern and texture are all ‘content’ but are not searchable like written text. This talk discusses how exploiting digital technology to enhance both access and preservation of the image-rich Board of Trade Design Register could open up the records […]

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    Big Ideas: Big data and dead criminals

    Big data and dead criminals, presented by Professor Tim Hitchcock of the University of Hertfordshire. This talk explores work to make complex trial accounts totalling 127 million words fully searchable by key word and location on The Old Bailey Online. […]

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