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Duration 00:25:38

Big Ideas: A competition to encourage videogame design students to go ‘Off the Map’

Stella Wisdom discusses the ‘Off the Map’ competition: a unique collaboration the British Library has with videogame company Crytek and GameCity festival based in Nottingham. Off the Map challenges students in higher education to build exciting, explorable, virtual environments using assets chosen by curators at the British Library and the power of Crytek’s CRYENGINE software. The 2013 competition winners were De Montfort University’s Pudding Lane Productions team with their stunning realisation of 17th century London.

Stella Wisdom is a curator in the Digital Research team at the British Library, exploring and promoting new methods of digital scholarship using both born digital content and digitised collections.

This event took place as part of Big Ideas, a series of monthly talks on big ideas coming out of The National Archives’ research programme.