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  • Video contentRG10-1252-f98-Census-1871-crop

    Webinar: Missing from the census?

    Census records are invaluable sources of information for all family historians. But what if you can’t find your ancestor on the census? This webinar will look at useful search tips that will help you to locate hard-to-find people, as well…

  • Video contentHO-45_9518_22208C-_2_1879-1882-crop

    Webinar: Riots and rebellions, murders and militias

    Exploring 19th century Home Office records. The National Archives holds 539series of Home Office records, which collectively touch on almost every aspect of life in Britain. However, many of these records do not have detailed catalogue entries, so the treasures…

  • Video contentCab-Office-in-Whitehall-April-2015

    Webinar: Exploring the Cabinet papers

    Why are Cabinet Papers important? This webinar will explain how to use the Cabinet Papers online, demonstrating the value of this superb resource that documents our modern history in detail. The webinar will also include a look at historical context,…

  • Video contentMPF-1_68_1567-crop

    Webinar: Grace O’Malley Pirate Queen of Ireland

    Born to an Irish chieftain in a remote corner of County Mayo, Grace O’Malley forged a career in seafaring and piracy that spanned over 40 years. This webinar will take an in-depth look at the astonishing life of this pirate…

  • Video contentHenry-VIII-illuminated-initial

    Webinar: Henry VIII – Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    This webinar was delivered on 22 September 2016 by Dr Sean Cunningham. Sean is Head of the medieval and early modern team. His has published a number of articles on the Tudors, most recently a best-selling book on Henry’s brother,…

  • Video contentSomme Tales

    Somme Tales

    Funded by the Friends of The National Archives, Somme Tales is a creative project that took place at the archives from 1-5 August 2016 in partnership with professional film-maker Nigel Kellaway. Applications were invited from young people across the country…

  • Video content

    Changing the Landscape: In conversation with Sarah Kogan

    Artist and curator Sarah Kogan in conversation with our Records Knowledge Manager Kate Wheeler, discussing her multimedia Battle of the Somme arts project Changing the Landscape, which is currently on display at the National Archives. Sarah reveals how she followed…

  • Video contentPathe: incensed patriots besiege pacifists in a London church.

    Pacifists besieged in a London church, First World War

    This footage shows a meeting of pacifists in a London church, which is interrupted by patriots. We see a large crowd outside the church, some trying to get in and then dragging people out, or throwing things through window. A chair…

  • Video content

    Webinar: Using the 1939 Register, recording the UK population before the war

    The preparations had been made well in advance. Now Britain was at war, and as the uniformed army prepared to face the enemy, a civilian army was mobilised at home. National Registration Officers, registrars, and 65,000 enumerators set about the…

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