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  • Audio contentPolitical map of Africa (catalogue reference CO 700/AFRICA27)

    Lines on the map: records of international boundaries

    The National Archives holds one of the largest and most important accumulations of maps in the world.  They document the United Kingdom’s involvement in shaping boundaries and in resolving boundary disputes over many centuries, either as a colonial power, neutral […]

  • Audio contentFormer Embassy of the United Kingdom in Madrid, Spain, 2008. (GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.2)

    Writer of the month: The Spanish ambassador’s suitcase

    Matthew Parris and Andrew Bryson discuss their new book, The Spanish ambassador’s suitcase. Matthew Parris worked for the Foreign Office and the Conservative Research Department before serving as MP for West Derbyshire. He joined The Times as parliamentary sketchwriter in […]

  • Audio contentbig-idea-time

    Big Ideas: The shape of time

    Visualisation is widely believed to bring many benefits, assisting us in making sense of all kinds of information. To try to make diagrams of history – using timelines or some other kind of chronographics – may seem a simple task. […]

  • Audio contentMargaret Thatcher shakes hands with Japanese MP Michio Watanabe during his visit to the UK in November 1983 (catalogue reference: PREM 19/1555)

    Newly released files from 1985 and 1986

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss the latest batch of government records to be released to The National Archives.  The years were 1985 and 1986. Introduced by Rebecca Simpson.

  • Audio contentFootballers (catalogue reference COPY 1/260 (32))

    A game for Christmas: Football on the Western Front, December 1914?

    Any mention of football and the First World War will evoke the Christmas Truce of 1914 and the football match played in No Man’s Land. At the time many denied that a truce had occurred, let alone a football match […]

  • Audio contentWriter of the Month, November 2014, Dr Tracy Borman

    Writer of the month: Tracy Borman on Thomas Cromwell

    Dr Tracy Borman, author, historian and broadcaster, discusses her biography of Thomas Cromwell. The National Archives hosts a series of monthly talks to broaden awareness of historical records and their uses for writers. Each month, a high-profile author talks about using […]

  • Audio contentTate Gallery, ground floor plan, 1893 (catalogue reference WORK 33/1718)

    Big Ideas: The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Cultural Value Project

    The Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Cultural Value Project was set up late in 2012 to address the dissatisfaction with the ways in which we understand and articulate the benefits of arts and culture. These tended to concentrate on the […]

  • Audio content"Berlin leaving". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

    Writer of the month: Stories from behind the Berlin Wall

    Hester Vaizey discusses her latest book, Born in the GDR: Living in the Shadow of the Wall, which reveals the everyday lives of citizens of the former German Democratic Republic The National Archives is again hosting a series of monthly […]

  • Video contentAllied troops celebrate Christmas

    Allied troops celebrate Christmas

    Each month the Education team’s ‘Take one film’ series highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries or key topics that you may be covering in the classroom. This month we have a 1940 film entitled ‘Allied Troops celebrate […]

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