• Video contentDiscovery search page

    Webinar: Using Discovery, The National Archives’ online catalogue

    Discovery is the key to The National Archives’ holdings – both digitised and original records. This webinar looks at how to conduct searches, using keywords, filters and other useful features. Chrissie Peters works as a Records Adviser in the Advice […]

  • Audio contentAndover Union Workhouse, 1846 (catalogue reference ZPER 34/9)

    Webinar: Why did people fear the Victorian workhouse?

    The workhouse was a major feature in the lives of the poor, whether or not they were ever inmates themselves. This webinar can help you to explore records in The National Archives, showing what life was like inside the workhouse, […]

  • Audio contentWar Diary page 11th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment, March 1918 (catalogue reference

    Webinar: Tracing British battalions or regiments during the First World War

    Unit war diaries, trench maps and photographs are just some of the sources held in The National Archives. This webinar looks at how to find these records and how to use them. David Langrish graduated in War Studies from the […]

  • Audio contentEmigration to Australia notice, 1841 (catalogue reference CO 384/66)

    Webinar: An introduction to emigration sources for family historians

    This webinar looks at passenger lists and other records for the popular destinations for migrants leaving the UK. Increasing numbers of these records have been digitised and are now available online. Mark Pearsall is a Family History Records Specialist at […]

  • Audio contentA pedigree sketched in a court case (catalogue reference KB 27/224)

    Webinar: An introduction to medieval and early modern sources for family historians

    Medieval and early modern records can be very informative, although they are often harder to locate than those for more recent periods. This webinar provides an overview of sources in The National Archives and elsewhere. Nick Barratt is head of […]

  • Audio contentCrimean War: Major Stokes and group of Anglo-Turkish soldiers (catalogue reference WO 78/1078)

    Webinar: Army musters – more than just accounts

    This webinar looks at how the army accounted for the money it spent on its personnel and what you can discover in the records in addition to financial costs. William Spencer is The National Archives’ Principal Records Specialist in military […]

  • Audio contentFrom Air Ministry UFO reports (catalogue reference AIR 2/18961 (1) )

    Webinar: Cloud storage and digital preservation

    How can cloud storage help address growing digital preservation challenges? The authors, Neil Beagrie, Andrew Charlesworth and Paul Miller introduce The National Archives’ cloud storage and digital preservation guidance. If you have any queries about the presentation please contact Charles […]

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