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Video guides: Finding records in other organisations

Watch our video guides for guidance on how to search our records and get the most of out of your visit to The National Archives.


The National Archives holds records created by central government and the courts of law.

Many of the records that relate to people’s daily lives were created by other organisations for their own purposes.

In fact, there are nearly three times as many records in other archives as there are in The National Archives.

These records are now held by various archives around Britain, or overseas.

For example, if you were looking for information on a relative who sailed with the Blue Funnel line to Australia, The National Archives holds records of passenger and crew lists which were legally required by central government.

However, for more personal information, such as employment details, you may find out more by looking in the ‘Blue Funnel Line’ company records that are now held in Liverpool.

The research guidance on The National Archives’ website will help point you to the right archive to look in for particular types of information.

We also have an online search facility that will help find information held by other archives and their contact details.

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