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Duration 38:21

Tracing marriages; legal requirements and actual practice, 1700-1836

Based upon studies of thousands of couples, this podcast explains how, when and where people in past centuries married. Family historians just starting out will find advice on where ‘missing’ marriages are most likely to be found, while those already well advanced in tracing their family tree will be able to interpret their discoveries to better understand whether their ancestors actions and choices made them exceptional or normal for their day.

Rebecca Probert is Professor of Law at the University of Warwick, and the author of Marriage Law and Practice in the Long Eighteenth Century: A Reassessment (Cambridge University Press, 2009); The Rights and Wrongs of Royal Marriage (Takeaway, 2011); The Legal Regulation of Cohabitation, 1600-2010: From Fornicators to Family (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and Marriage Law for Genealogists (Takeaway, 2012). She has appeared on both TV and radio to discuss historical and contemporary trends in marriage.