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Duration 1:44

The Canterbury Tour – Part 1

This is a film taken from the back of a truck with the cameraman filming everything in his wake. It starts at one end of Canterbury and takes us to the other end. We see a procession of shops along the old medieval streets of the town. The film shows a good deal of motorcar traffic and cyclist traffic. There is also a glimpse of men carrying advertising sandwich boards.


In 1920 Britain was in a time of change. There was still a lot of adjusting going on to the changes brought by the Great War. There was also an increasing divide between the more prosperous Midlands and South and the industrial areas of the North and South Wales that were in decline. New technology such as the motorcar was becoming more common, although most transport was still horse drawn.

Interesting or important points about the film

There is much to note in this film about the details of daily life and how they are similar or different to life today. Transport is one key feature, and the hazards of driving and being a pedestrian! We get an insight into shopping habits as well – very few department stores are shown in this scene. It is also interesting to note the street furniture such as lamp posts.

Please note that this video is silent.

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