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Duration 49:25

Textile designs 1842-1964: exploring the Board of Trade Representations and Registers

In 1839 the Board of Trade established a scheme for proprietors of original designs to register their designs and protect them from commercial piracy. The National Archives holds the surviving representations and registers; these volumes provide information about suppliers from all over Britain, its Empire, and also mainland Europe. With the generous support of the Clothworkers Foundation, The National Archives’ Collection Care Department has established a research fellowship to consider ways of enhancing public access to this unique archive. This talk focuses on the textiles, which include woven and printed cloth, trimmings and lace, as well as stevenographs, gloves, socks, sashes and even two straw bonnets. Dr Dinah Eastop works in the Collection Care Department of The National Archives, as a Clothworkers Research Fellow. She is a specialist in textile conservation and worked until recently at the Textile Conservation Centre.

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