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Duration 3:30

Special Invasion

Film clip from Special Invasion, a film produced by War Pictorial News showing actual footage of aerial attacks on Hitler’s West Wall coastal defences before and after D-Day This is an extract from a film produced by War Pictorial News shown to British and overseas audiences in 1944.

Commentary over actual footage of aerial attacks on Hitler’s West Wall coastal defences before and after D-Day. Dramatic scenes include the shooting down of a Luftwaffe plane, the destruction of coastal defences, carpet-bombing and allied weapons and other supplies being brought ashore by tanks and trucks. End sequence features shots of Admiral Ramsey (in charge Naval Operations) on deck, Air Chief Marshal Tedder, General Montgomery, General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill. Dual language titles suggest overseas distribution.

Interesting or important points about the film

The style of the film is very much one of breaking news. This is very useful in giving a sense of the mood of the time. The film is much more upbeat than “Words For Battle” from 1941 for instance. There is some very impressive footage that gives a sense of the hugely destructive power of aerial bombardment. The musical sound track is clearly used to add to the dramatic quality of the images. One of the aims of British propaganda was to inform people about how Britain fought, thus making them feel more involved. It is also interesting to note what is left out of the film. The lack of Luftwaffe opposition was partly a result of bombing over Germany and partly the drain on resources caused by the German campaigns against the USSR that were beginning to fail.

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