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Duration 2min 30sec

Smoker Of The Future

In Britain there has been a history of innovative anti-smoking campaigns. Recent adverts have featured smokers with fat dripping from their cigarettes to reinforce the link between smoking and heart disease.
This 1985 film uses futuristic images and music that appear to have been influenced by the 1982 film ‘Blade Runner’; which present a nightmarish vision of the first human ‘natural born smoker’.


The first natural born smoker will have …

a larger nose to filter out impurities,

self-cleaning lungs,

a highly-developed index and middle finger,

smaller ears (because they don’t listen),

extra eyelids to protect the eyes from irritating smoke,

and of course an in-built resistance to heart disease, lung cancer and thrombosis.

Unfortunately, the first natural born smoker has never been born.

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