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Rabies Advice

The British Isles may have been free of rabies for many decades, but abroad the disease presents a hazard to anyone oblivious to the dangers. This is the key message in the 1983 animation that advises travellers what to do if they might be infected with rabies aboard.

Produced by Richard Taylor Cartoons, the same animators for the Charley Says and Protect and Survive series, this film clearly relays the dangers of rabies. As the title of the film suggests rabies, an acute viral infection that attacks the central nervous system, can indeed kill. Since 1946 there have been 22 deaths in people infected with rabies abroad.

The reason why a dog was portrayed as the infected animal in the animation is that dogs are the main transmitter of rabies to humans.


If you’re bitten or scratched, or even licked, by any animal when you are abroad, take no chances.

It could have rabies.

Was the wound immediately and then get urgent medical aid.

If you wait until the symptoms appear, you’ve left it too late.

Rabies kills.

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