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Pathé: Satellite story

The National Archives education team’s film of the month highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries or key topics that you may be covering in the classroom.

This month’s clip is ‘Satellite Story’ – a film depicting the story of the first manmade satellite, Sputnik. The Sputnik satellite was launched on 4 October 1957.

With this film, students could consider:

  • What is the purpose of this film?
  • What could Sputnik do? What were the people in the film doing?
  • What did Sputnik’s success trigger? What part did it play in the Cold War?
  • What did Sputnik mean for humans across the globe?
  • How many man made satellites are now in orbit around the Earth?

This film could be used in conjunction with our themed collection on Fifties Britain, as a reflection on the studies of the Cold War, as an example of technological advancement or a film to examine change over time in 1950s-Present day.


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