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Pathé: Records Office 1968

The National Archives education team’s film of the month highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries or key topics that you may be covering in the classroom.

To celebrate International Archives Day, this month’s clip is ‘Records Office 1968’, about the Public Record Office at Chancery Lane that would later become part of The National Archives.

With this film, students could consider:

  • What kind of records are held at the Public Record Office?
  • How did the public access them?
  • Why do the documents need to be kept in fire proof vaults?
  • What is the earliest record kept at the PRO?
  • What was happening in 1937?
  • How has the Public Record Office changed now that it is held at The National Archives?
  • The film shows documents being released after 30 years rather than the previous 50. We’re not moving towards 20 years. What does this mean for the public?

This video can be used to understand the history of The National Archives and the collections we hold. You can learn more about some of our collections and the stories they hold using our stop-motion film ‘Holding History’ and discover more about when we release records on our page about the 20 Year Rule.

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