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Pathé: ‘Duke Of Edinburgh At Anglo-Jewish Dinner’ (1956)

The National Archives education team’s film of the month highlights a Pathé film relating to current events, anniversaries or key topics that you may be covering in the classroom.


This month’s clip is titled ‘Duke Of Edinburgh At Anglo-Jewish Dinner’ (1956) and shows Prince Philip speaking at a dinner celebrating the 300th anniversary of the resettlement of Jews in Britain.


Following almost two centuries of Christians and Jews living alongside each other, King Edward I expelled England’s entire Jewish population in 1290. Jewish individuals were no longer able to reside ‘freely and honourably’ in England nor enjoy the same ‘liberties and customs’ as their predecessors. They were expelled from the realm as perfidious (faithless) men. It was not until 1656 that Oliver Cromwell allowed Jews back into England – the anniversary celebrated at this dinner, 300 years later.


With this film, students could consider:


– Why do you think this dinner is being held?

– How is the Jewish community and its relationship to England framed in this clip?

– What is the tone of the Duke of Edinburgh’s speech? What effect do you think it has?


This film could be used alongside our trilogy of lessons on medieval Jewish communities in England, where the reasons behind the 1290 expulsion are explored further:

Jews in England 1066

Jews in England 1216-72

Jews in England 1290

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