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Duration 1:31

More Eggs From Your Hens

This public information film features talking chickens and encourages people to save scraps for more eggs. It starts with the cockerel telling the hens that their target is to “lay an egg a day” to which a hen replies “I want to do my bit, goodness knows!” then complains about the lack of food. Through a story about a hen’s quest for more food, the film informs the public about the government’s nationwide appeal for kitchen scraps to for hens.


At the time of this film Britain and her Empire allies were standing alone against Nazi Germany. German submarines were sinking ships bringing vital supplies to Britain. Re-using as many materials as possible was one way to free up space in supply ships for supplies, weapons and equipment.

Interesting or important points about the film

In 1940 the Ministry of Information produced guidelines for film propaganda. They stressed that propaganda films should be entertaining as well as carrying a message. Although this film is rather odd, it seems likely that the talking chicken that travels round the country and interviews a range of government officials would have amused people. At the same time, there is a serious message about saving food but also the implication that people, like the chicken, should also try hard to do their bit for the country.

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