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Duration 00:60

Mental Health – Interview

We sit in on a young man’s interview…all is going well until he tells the interviewer that he used to suffer from depression.
Embarrassingly the interviewer can’t cope with this, and proceeds to humiliate both himself and the man being interviewed with a series of comical guffes.


INTERVIEWER: Well, you’ve certainly got the skills and if you join us, we’ll take those to the next level. Is there anything else you think I should know?

INTERVIEWEe: Well, I should probably tell you that I have a history of depression but it’s nothing I …

INTERVIEWER: Oh! Good, good, excellent! Er, we’re ten floors up here. Is that going to be OK? Er, obviously we won’t sit you next to window. [laughs nervously] Er, but honestly, don’t worry, we’re all a bit mad here! [laughs nervously]

INTERVIEWEe: It’s fine. I can cope with everything.

INTERVIEWER: I’ve actually got a nut allergy. Hmmmh! No nuts allowed in the building! … present company excepted, obviously ….

FEMALE VOICE: This man has a problem, but he and many others like him can get help. For a better understanding of mental health issues, visit health.

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