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Duration 00:20:28

‘A Little Daylight Game’: the story of two militant suffragettes

This podcast tells the story of Hilda Burkett and Florence Tunks, two militant suffragettes who staged an arson attack on the Bath Hotel, Felixstowe, in April 1914. It is a dramatisation based on Home Office documents from The National Archives that detail the imprisonment and forced feeding of Burkett and Tunks. A secondary source called ‘Felixstowe’s Last Bath Night’, written by Wayne Bennett, was the inspiration for the trial re-enactment.

The story was written and produced by Michael Mahoney, Education & Outreach, with the help of the following performers: Ela Kaczmarska, Sandra Shakespeare, Gary Thorpe, Jon Ryder-Oliver, Iqbal Husain, Rachel Hillman and Boyce Keay.