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In the High Court of Justice

‘In the High Court of Justice’ examines the records of the Chancery Division of the High Court (the post-1875 successor of the Chancery Court). This talk shows what is available and how to find your way around the documents. The recently transferred records of the Court Funds Office is also discussed and Dr Watts uses a worked example – a case over a disputed will – that was in the High Court for 49 years! The case names over 200 individuals over five generations – giving their relationship and dates and places of birth, marriage and death. The talk contains guidance on the use of these records for all users not just family historians.



  1. Manolo says:

    Not sure really, I would need to know more about the cnxoett. And I am not a chancery lawyer. However here are a few more maxins:- Equity looks to the intent rather than the form.- Equity looks on that as done which ought to be done.- Equity imputes an intention to fulfil an obligation.

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