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Duration 2:54

‘il Cammino degli eroi der marsch der helden’ – The Way of the Heroes – Part 2

The clip opens showing a vast supply operation with goods being loaded into an aircraft and then dropped to waiting troops. We see columns of trucks from the air as Italian forces move through Abyssinia and then supplies are dropped by parachute. Troops cheer and then rush to collect the supplies. Even sheep and goats are landed!


Benito Mussolini was the leader of Italy. He was head of the Fascist party, similar in views to the Nazis in Germany. Mussolini’s great aim was to try and rebuild the great glories of the Roman Empire by establishing an Italian empire in Africa. In 1935 he provoked disputes with Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) and in 1936 his modern armies invaded the country and defeated its emperor Haile Selassie. This action provoked international outrage but no military action was taken against Mussolini.

Interesting or important points about the film

One of the most interesting features of this film clip is the impression it is trying to achieve. The main aim was to make the Italian public aware of the organisation and discipline involved in the campaign. The film was also trying to show how up to date the Italian war effort was, with mobile troops in trucks supplied by aircraft.