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Fireworks – The Management

The comic duo Hale and Pace insist that “there is nothing more stupiderer… than messing about with fire works on the street!” According to the Explosives Act (1875) it is an offence to throw or set off fireworks in any highway, street, thoroughfare or public place.

Despite this, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recorded 590 firework injuries during a four-week period between October and November 2004. Interestingly, 516 of the injured parties were over the age of 20. ‘The Management’ would have been very disappointed. .


MAN 1: There’s nothing stupiderer …

MAN 2: … or dangerouser …

MAN 1 & 2: … than messing around with fireworks on the street …

MAN 1: … except sky-diving without a parachute …

MAN 2: … or cutting your toe-nails with a chainsaw …

MAN 1: … or not being polite to my rubber chicken.

MAN 1 & 2: So, follow the Fireworks Code by order of ….

MAN 1: … the rubber chicken!

MAN 2: The Management!

MAN 1: Same thing!

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