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Duration 2:55

Dublin After The Easter Rising

The film opens with titles locating scenes of the fighting in Dublin at Easter 1916. Several different shots follow that focus on the huge amount of damage caused in the city. We are shown Sackville Street (now O’Connell Street), the Four Courts and the General Post Office (the rebel Headquarters).


In April 1916, during Easter Week, hardline Irish Nationalists (Republicans) took over the centre of Dublin. They took the British forces completely by surprise. It took a week of fighting to get them to surrender. The centre of the city was wrecked and many civilians were killed or injured in the fighting. Opinion about this Rising was deeply divided. Many British people felt it was a betrayal because at the time Britain was fighting against Germany. However, many Irish Nationalists felt the British were using the war as an excuse not to give Ireland Home Rule. They felt the Rising was justified.

Interesting or important points about the film

There are many interesting details contained in this film that raise questions. Why did the British need to use artillery and a gunboat? Did they overestimate the strength of the rebels? Was this a reflection on the effectiveness of the rebel forces? Another important point emerging from the film is the scale of the damage. How might people in Ireland react to this? This film was sponsored by the War Office and produced in Britain.

Please note that this video is silent.