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Duration 01:11:27

Barbara Hepworth, her life and work

Barbara Hepworth’s life and work examined through records held by selected archives, including The National Archives and the Tate archives, marking the 40th anniversary of her death

Inga Fraser is Assistant Curator of Modern British Art 1890-1945 at Tate Britain and one of the curators of the exhibition, Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World at Tate Britain. Briony Paxman is a modern records specialist at The National Archives.

Morwenna Roche and Bianca Rossmann from Tate Archives discuss their project to catalogue Barbara Hepworth’s personal and professional papers, which provide a fascinating and rich insight into her life and work.

This podcast was recorded live in July 2015, as part of an afternoon of events at The National Archives, Kew.

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