Archives for 21st Century in your region: Stephen Rowley (Head of Support Services, Wirral Council)

The National Archives and the Museums Libraries & Archives Council (MLA) held a series of workshops for culture and archives colleagues called ‘Archives for 21st Century in your region’ in York, Birmingham and at Kew in June and July 2010.

Exploring how we can work together on ‘Archives in 21st Century’ and the challenges we are facing in the archive sector to turn the policy into a reality for local services was part of our discussion on ‘developing bigger, better and more sustainable services’.  Presentations by guest speakers opened up debate between staff and delegates on how we can develop governance and strategic partnerships to deliver core services.

Listen and watch the audio and video clips from our guest speakers and presenters. Find out what they had to say and download their slides to share with your colleagues.

Stephen talks about his experience of bringing together the Archives and Records Management Service at Wirral Council.

Stephen’s Powerpoint slides (PPT, 2.61Mb)

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