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Writer of the month: An A-Z of interesting things about Elizabethan England

Ian Mortimer started his career as a poet, then qualified as an archivist and later became a historian and a novelist. In this podcast Ian talks through an A-Z of facts about Elizabethan England.

Between 1991 and 2003 Ian worked for a succession of archive and historical research organisations. He has BA, PhD and DLitt degrees from the University of Exeter, an MA from UCL, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1998, and was awarded the Alexander Prize (2004) for his work on the social history of medicine.

Among the eight history books he has published to date are the two bestselling Time Traveller’s Guides: the medieval version has now sold almost 200,000 copies in the UK and the Elizabethan version, which reached number five on the Sunday Times non-fiction top ten, is about to become a BBC Two series. Ian also is a keen advocate of the public importance of history.

This talk was part of Writer of the Month – a series of free talks, in which each month a high profile author shared their experiences of using original records in their writing.