Published date: 15 May 2009

During the night of 24 March 1944, 76 airmen escaped from the Prisoner of War camp Stalag Luft III. Only three made it home and, of the remainder, 50 were murdered on Hitler’s orders. This podcast will explain what actually happened in the so-called Great Escape, one of the Second World War’s most infamous incidents.

Document gallery

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    Aerial reconnaissance photograph of Stalag Luft 3. The railway station that many escapers headed for is top right.

    AIR 40/229

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    Kripo photographs and index cards showing the four escapers murdered by Kiel Gestapo.

    WO 235/431

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    Reconstruction of the roadside shooting of S/Leader Thomas Kirby- Green and F/Officer Gordon Kidder, murdered by Zlin Gestapo.

    WO 309/1369

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    The death warrant of Emil Schulz who was found guilty of murdering Roger Bushell and was hung at Hameln prison at 11.21 on 26 February 1948.

    WO 235/424

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    all the podcasts I’ve ever tweeted about | blog and reference

    […] 2009-11-12 A day late for Remembrance, but this podcast is about the ‘real’ Great Escape. Tragic. The Great Escape: you’ve seen the film, now hear the truth | The National Archives […]

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