• Audio contentTroops travelling to Manchester for review by Lord Kitchener

    Digitising MH 47 the Middlesex military service appeal tribunal

    On the introduction of conscription in 1916, Military Service Tribunals were set up to hear applications and appeals for exemption. Surviving material is fragmented but two complete sets of tribunal papers were retained, including those for the Middlesex Appeal Tribunal. […]

  • Audio contentAIR 1/169/15/160/5 24

    Britain’s air forces in the First World War

    This talk covers the record sources for those who served in the air forces, their formations and machines. It also explores a case study of a famous airman to illustrate some of the inventions and developments that led to final […]

  • Audio contenttnaprorail253-516-world-war-i-photograph-gunner-f-j-serjent

    Marjorie’s War: four families and the Great War

    This podcast is based on the recently published book which tells the story of the author’s grandmother and nine young men from the four families. They were all served as junior officers and between them fought in all the major […]

  • Video contentThe Battle of the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme: fallen comrades

    The clip starts with a title and sequence showing British tommies rescuing a fallen comrade who later died. We then see the famous shot of a soldier carrying his fallen comrade. The action then shifts to more shots of wounded […]

  • Video contentThe Battle of the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme: Battle Police

    The film clip starts with Tommies making their way across No Man’s Land and into enemy front line trenches. We then see a title explaining that Battle Police are rounding up prisoners and wounded in No Man’s Land. From here […]

  • Video contentThe Battle of the Somme

    The Battle of the Somme: ammunition dumps

    This clip gives us a detailed view of preparations for the attack at the Somme. We see vast ammunition dumps followed by busy scenes of trucks moving shells and other equipment and men busily loading and unloading vehicles. The final […]

  • Video contentWomen Making Munitions

    Women Making Munitions

    The film goes straight in to show women using heavy engineering machinery such as belt driven lathes. We see women on the production line assembling shells, which is clearly a complex and quite skilled process. The worker takes great care […]

  • Video content'With the North and South Irish At The Front’

    ‘With the North and South Irish At The Front’ Official pictures of the British army in France-Fourth series

    The opening titles tell us we are looking at the Ulster Division, probably from 1915-17. We then see huge numbers of soldiers from that division all posing, smiling and waving for the camera. The titles then show us the Royal […]

  • Video contentus-soldiers-france

    US soldiers in a camp in France

    This short clip shows a large number of US troops eating their rations. They are wearing their ‘doughboy hats’. Context US troops fought alongside British empire and French forces in the latter stages of the war. The USA entered the […]

  • Video contentinspecting-german

    Inspecting Captured German Defences

    In this short sequence we see Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig inspecting the wrecked remains of the Hindenburg Line, Germany’s strongest line of defences. With him is Colonel Robert S. Bacon, a US officer, and French and British officers as […]

  • Video contentfor-the-empire-2

    For the Empire – Part 2

    This clip takes us first through a sequence of ruined cities in Belgium and France and shows scenes of complete devastation. This is contrasted with London’s safety from such attacks and this then links to a shot of merchant ships, […]

  • Video contentfor-the-empire-1

    For the Empire – Part 1

    At the start of this clip Britannia (representing Britain) points out ‘What others are doing for us’. We then see a young recruit being waved off to war by his poor, elderly parents. The action then moves to scenes of […]

  • Video contentbritish-soldiers-digging

    British Soldiers Digging Trenches

    This clip shows trainee Tommies digging trenches, probably in England in 1915. The clip closes with instruction on rifles and a machine gun. Context The film shows troops training before being sent to the western front in 1915. They are […]

  • Audio contentinf3-133-britain-strikes

    Total war

    This talk focuses on the concept of total war, what it means, and what it has meant over the past 200 years, with particular reference to the First and Second World Wars, the Boer War, the American Civil War and […]

  • Audio contentcopy-1-217i-201-our-weather-by-harrison-and-townsend-1904-lrg

    Galaxy Zoo and old weather: exploring the potential of citizen science

    A team at Oxford University has launched a range of ‘citizen science’ projects, all aimed at delivering real research through the efforts of a large community of public volunteers. ‘Old Weather’ is the first non-astronomical project for the team and […]

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