• Audio contentThe Reformation as Disruption

    Reformation on the Record: Suzannah Lipscomb on Henry VIII and the break with Rome

    Reformation on the Record was a two-day conference which brought together research using original records of Church and State from our collection to explore this period of religious, social and economic turmoil. In this talk, historian, broadcaster and award-winning academic…

  • Audio contentA podcast about confessions from the Star Chamber, one of the highest Tudor law courts.

    Tudor trials: Confessions from the Star Chamber

    Medieval records specialist Euan Roger gives us a taste of the kinds of disputes dealt with by the Star Chamber, one of the highest Tudor courts. The tens of thousands of Star Chamber records kept at The National Archives reveal…

  • Audio contentValor Ecclesiasticus illuminated heading, 1535 (catalogue reference E 344/22 f2)

    ‘A World of Their Design’: The men who shaped Tudor diplomacy

    In a time of shifting politics and world changing events, three men would emerge as masterful diplomats, ambassadors and advisors who possessed a shrewd political acumen. They each shared a complex and intriguing relationship with the other, while manipulating the…

  • Audio contentHenry-VIII-illuminated-initial

    Writer of the month: The children of Henry VIII

    John Guy tells the story of the family drama of England’s wealthiest and most powerful king. It is a tale of jealousy, mutual distrust and often bitter sibling rivalry, simmering beneath the magnificent pageantry and stormy politics of the Tudor…

  • Audio contentIInventory of the Mary Rose, 27 July 1514, cat. ref. E36-13 (59)

    Geography, art and the sinking of the Mary Rose

    King Henry VIII watched as the Mary Rose, pride of his Navy, suddenly capsized and sank whilst engaging a French invasion fleet off Portsmouth. This talk brings together Tudor art, geography, history and archaeology to better understand a few desperate…

  • Audio contentHenry-VIII-illuminated-initial

    Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn: clothing, courtship and consequences

    This talk covers a range of documents in the collection of The National Archives to explore the clothing choices of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. It considers the types of clothing that they wore, the gifts of clothing that Henry…

  • Audio contentCoram Rege rolls initial detail of Henry VIII, cat. ref. KB 27/1119/2

    Henry VIII: Dynasty and power in Tudor England

    Henry VIII is one of the best-known monarchs in history. By the time Henry reached his early thirties, he had realised that his search for glory would fail unless he secured the future of his dynasty. Henry VIII was 34…

  • Audio contente39-1-138-artifact-coin-die-henry-vpennies-obverse-die-c-1420

    Henry VIII: dynasty and power in Tudor England

    Sean Cunningham introduces the documents of Henry VIII’s reign, through the story of his struggles to secure personal power, to make the right marriage and to pass the crown to a male heir.

  • Audio contente33-2

    A bag of secrets

    Dr Tracey Sowerby of Pembroke College, Oxford, introduces listeners to the records of Tudor government held at The National Archives. She examines records of Parliament, delves into the murky treason trials of Henry VIII’s regime and even demonstrates how the…

  • Video contenttudors-ladyship

    The Tudors: A visit from Her Ladyship

    Chapter 2. The story continues from the previous clip. John Daniell is now in debt. He spent a lot of money fighting in Ireland but his patron was accused of treason so John would not have a friend to get…

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