• Audio contentA podcast about confessions from the Star Chamber, one of the highest Tudor law courts.

    Tudor trials: Confessions from the Star Chamber

    Medieval records specialist Euan Roger gives us a taste of the kinds of disputes dealt with by the Star Chamber, one of the highest Tudor courts. The tens of thousands of Star Chamber records kept at The National Archives reveal…

  • Audio contentFanny and Stella, by Neil McKenna

    Fanny and Stella: the young men who shocked Victorian England

    The gripping story of the trial that shook Victorian England – a tale of cross-dressing, cross-examinations and the invention of camp, shortlisted for the Stonewall Awards 2013 (Writer of the Year) and for the 2013 Green Carnation Prize. Neil McKenna,…

  • Video contentTranscript of the trial of Charles I (catalogue reference SP 16/517)

    Reluctant regicides? The trial of Charles I revisited

    Dr Andrew Hopper investigates the recent controversy among historians about the nature of the trial of King Charles I. Which individuals drove the king’s trial and what were their aims and goals? Did the king know he was doomed from the…

  • Audio contenttim-hitchcock16

    Big Ideas: Big data and dead criminals

    Big data and dead criminals, presented by Professor Tim Hitchcock of the University of Hertfordshire. This talk explores work to make complex trial accounts totalling 127 million words fully searchable by key word and location on The Old Bailey Online.…

  • Audio contentcrim1-41-6-visiting-card-for-the-marquis-of-queensberry-as-exhibit-a-in-oscar-wilde's-trial-1895

    Genius on trial: key sources relating to Oscar Wilde at The National Archives

    The arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Oscar Wilde was one of the most sensational and controversial episodes of the late Victorian era, with far-reaching social and cultural implications. Charles Tattershall presents the key documents held by The National Archives on…

  • Audio contenttnapropcom2-300-crime-prisoners-cambridgewilliam-lee-habitual-criminals-register-1875-1877

    Criminal ancestors: trial records at The National Archives

    Nigel Taylor takes us through a short introduction into the records that can be used to trace criminal ancestors.

  • Audio contentcopy1-66-102-robin-hood-and-maid-marioncut-out-figures-1884

    Medieval criminals and the law

    An introduction to the formidable collection of documents that relate to the law and criminals during the medieval period using case studies.  James Ross provides practical tips on how to access the collections, as well as shedding some light on…

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