special operations executive (soe)

  • Audio contentSOE: Lord Selborne's correspondence (catalogue reference HS 8/944)

    Special Operations Executive (SOE) service – some alternative sources

    Have you been unsuccessful in searching for a personal file for someone in SOE or perhaps you found a file containing little detail? There may be alternative or supplementary sources. This talk suggests ways to identify these sources and find…

  • Video contentHS9-1435-Agent-Violette-Szabo-file-(cover),-1939-1945

    Carve Her Name With Pride

    This videocast is part of the War on Film series, created by The National Archives to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. The series recounts the events that went on to inspire popular war films, using extracts…

  • Audio contenths6-597-french-resistance-arms-deliveries-by-region-1942

    The Special Operations Executive, the French Resistance and the D-Day landings

    This talk looks at the results and effectiveness of the British Special Operations Executive, or SEO, and the French Resistance in supporting the Second World War D-Day landings.

  • Audio contenttna-top-secret-&-secret-files

    Secrecy and government records

    Professor Foot is a noted historian and academic. He is the official historian for the Second World War Special Operations Executive (SOE) and has an extensive knowledge of the background to the requirements for secrecy in government records. This is…

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