• Audio contentinf-3-707-1939-1946

    Big Ideas: From catwalk to cultural collections

    Being able to predict with any precision how collections will change over time is difficult – we are always reliant on historical data. But like fashion designers predicting future trends, we now use the data we collect everyday to model […]

  • Audio contentext-11-159-1851

    Big Ideas: Searching the unsearchable

    Colour, pattern and texture are all ‘content’ but are not searchable like written text. This talk discusses how exploiting digital technology to enhance both access and preservation of the image-rich Board of Trade Design Register could open up the records […]

  • Audio contentUntold-Histories-Image

    Writer of the month: Researching untold histories

    Dr Kathleen Chater discusses her book Researching Untold Histories: Black people in England and Wales during the period of the British slave trade, c1660-1807. Kathleen worked for the BBC until 1994. One of her interests was family history so when […]

  • Audio contentjohn-reginald-christie-ho-291-228

    John Reginald Christie: a study in sources, The National Archives and beyond

    This talk examines and evaluates the sources for the study of the life and crimes of a notorious serial killer, including records held in The National Archives. It will also be useful for anyone interested in similar felons and for […]

  • Audio contenttim-hitchcock16

    Big Ideas: Big data and dead criminals

    Big data and dead criminals, presented by Professor Tim Hitchcock of the University of Hertfordshire. This talk explores work to make complex trial accounts totalling 127 million words fully searchable by key word and location on The Old Bailey Online. […]

  • Audio contentThe 1911 census

    Digging for diamonds: hidden histories at The National Archives

    From ‘parachuting’ to ‘truffle-hunting’, there are many ways to research at The National Archives. This talk focuses on the histories that are harder to find, from the voices of enslaved Africans to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities in […]

  • Audio contentOxford Street, London, with Marks & Spencer and Selfridge's stores on the left 1960s, cat. ref. INF 14/141

    Business Archives: new initiatives and developments

    This podcast looks at the background to company archives and the recent development of national strategies to promote business archives more widely. The talk focuses on individual projects under way to improve storage and access to the records of companies, […]

  • Audio content1911 census schedule front, cat. ref. RG27/8

    No vote no census

    The National Archives held a one day conference at Kew on Saturday 1 October 2011. The conference brought together an audience wanting to know more about the census, from genealogists to local and social historians. The conference looked at all […]

  • Audio contentGroup of men on beach with curling stones

    Inheritance in Scotland – testaments and retours

    Scottish testaments, loosely called ‘wills’, can be disappointing for genealogists because they often contain very few names, and no details of land and property. This is a consequence of the Scottish system of inheritance up to 1868. However, such details […]

  • Audio contentinf-9-375-27-cutting-oats-near-poppleford

    Sources for agricultural labourers

    Its all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that agricultural labourers are boring and that you cant trace anything about them. In fact they can be very interesting, and there’s lots of information to be found if […]

  • Audio contentADM101-7-8 Barrosa convict ship, illustrations of the effect

    Sailors, storms and science: how Royal Navy logbooks help us understand climate change

    Dr Dennis Wheeler, from the University of Sunderland, discusses the use of historical Royal Navy logbooks in studies of climate change, focusing on the archival resources rather than scientific conclusions.

  • Audio contenttnaproco956-426-empire-marketing-board-empirethe-empire-shop-1927-33

    Researching the British Empire and Commonwealth

    The British Empire existed for four centuries and, at its height, governed one quarter of the world’s population. Mandy Banton introduces the records of British government departments responsible for the administration of colonial affairs from about 1801 to 1968, outlining […]

  • Video contentcopy1-430ii-four-generations-of-the-polkinghorne-family-1897

    Introduction to Family History – British Sign Language video

    Need advice on how to begin tracing your family’s past? Audrey Collins‘ talk is for anyone new to family history. As well as advising on good research habits, she provides an overview of the main resources available to family historians, […]

  • Audio contentadm196-42-f501-robert-falcon-scotts-naval-service-record-1883-1912

    The Navy Board project

    Archivist Sue Lumas describes the painstaking cataloguing and conservation of naval records held at The National Archives.

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    Research and collections at The National Archives

    Caroline Williams describes how the new Research and Collections Development department is contributing to The National Archives’ research, collections and academic agenda, and its benefit internally and beyond The National Archives.

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